Custody of Client Assets

Recent years have given witness to the potential perils of utilizing an advisor-affiliated custodian to hold one’s investments (we are reminded of Bernard Madoff). Bain Wealth Management Group does not take custody of client assets. Our clients’ assets are held by independent third-party, reputable and unaffiliated custodians. This arrangement prevents commingling of client assets and provides a system of checks and balances that clients should demand.

Trust is the most important asset we manage for our clients and we take that responsibility extremely seriously. We invite you to visit with us for more details about the custody of our clients’ assets.


As an independent hybrid RIA, we have access to many custodians (TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Pershing, State Street, etc.) and use a few select custodians, depending on the type of investment account a client has. In fact, you may have a preference for a custodian for your investments, which we will certainly consider. Our custodian of choice is TD Ameritrade Institutional, one of the premier brokerage houses in the United States. TD Ameritrade Institutional provides comprehensive brokerage and custody services to more than 5,000 fee-based, independent registered investment advisors (RIAs). TD Ameritrade Institutional was chosen as our custodian of choice due to excellent credit ratings, financial strength and commitment to providing outstanding service and cutting-edge technology.