Our Process

Our process will vary from client to client, as everyone’s situation is truly unique. Hopefully this will give you a good general understanding of a “typical” process we follow as we uncover how to best add value and help a client in their specific situation.


Beginning with our initial meeting, we focus on getting to know you, your values and your goals. Finding out what is important about money to you, special dreams you’d like to achieve and what kind of legacy you want to leave. We want to know what things concern you and what you want us to focus on in the financial planning process. We cater our entire process to helping you determine what your goals are, and we focus on enabling you to live the lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming about. We detail everything related to your current financial situation and assess your risk tolerance to get an accurate sense of our starting position.


Once we identify your true current financial situation, we customize a plan based on your goals and values to help you and your family achieve financial success. We will help you link all of the various aspects of your financial lives to your financial plan. We will explore and explain many alternatives that can help improve your financial situation. We are certainly not believers in high pressure sales tactics – rather we come alongside you and explain the pros and cons of every choice we present, so that you thoroughly understand your choices and can make intelligent decisions. There is not a universal “one size fits all” solution out there, and each client has their own unique values that we take into careful consideration while we work closely with you to tailor your financial plan. Success to us is seeing you reach your goals. Our desire is to help you accomplish your goals at the level of risk you are comfortable with, not reaching for the highest rate of return on your investments without regard to risk.


It is at this point that you make the decision to enter into a client-advisor relationship with Bain Wealth Management Group. Once you decide to implement your plan, our account services team processes any transfer paperwork for you and keeps you closely in the loop with updates and details throughout the entire transfer process. Once your new account is funded, we make sure you have the proper online access to view your financial plan and investment accounts on your secure private personal website at your convenience.


After you implement your plan, we help you stay on track in several ways. First, we regularly communicate with you and encourage you to ask questions, checking in throughout the year. We provide ongoing educational workshops to help you grow in your financial understanding and knowledge. We equip you with a secure-access private website you can view on any device, anywhere you have internet access. It allows you to check in to see your entire financial situation in real-time, linked to your financial plan. And finally, we meet at least annually to sit down face to face and update your financial plan to include all of your life’s changes and to review your investments, monitoring progress towards achieving your goals.