Investment Management

Bain Wealth Management Group’s move to establish itself as an RIA hybrid firm in 2015 has allowed us to further expand our clients’ investment management options, working from an open architecture platform. This structure allows us to provide even greater transparency and a wider array of investments for our clients. We are able to deliver excellent service to our clients by leveraging powerful technology tools and providing broad access to worldwide investment products, without losing sight of the personal touches that can only come from a local firm who really knows its clients.


We believe that to successfully invest today it takes more than a passive buy-and-hold philosophy (or as some might call it, “buy-and-hope!”). We tailor our investment solutions to fit your unique situation, incorporating many active and tactically managed investment options, and alternative asset classes to help diversify and manage portfolios to maximize the overall risk-adjusted performance.


We develop an Investment Policy Statement for you based on your personal risk tolerance and specific financial goals, and together we walk with you every step of the way on the path towards achieving your goals. We review your Investment Policy Statement annually and make any adjustments necessary to reflect changes in your life, and make sure that your investments are keeping on track to meet your expectations and goals.


Being independent allows us the flexibility to access institutional money managers and strategists, including a wide array of alternative asset managers to diversify client portfolios in ways that only a few short years ago were only available to pension funds, endowments and ultra-affluent investors.