Client Portal: Your Personalized Website

Our comprehensive financial planning process provides our clients with an individual client portal that is customized for your use in a secure and private location. Your personalized site delivers a full range of interactive financial planning services that help you to develop an in-depth financial analysis.


Aggregating all of your financial accounts in one place (your employer 401(k) and stock options, savings and checking accounts at your bank, IRA and Roth IRA investments, life insurance cash values, car loans, home mortgage, credit cards, etc.) into one convenient portal is just the first step. Linking your accounts to your financial plan allows you to conveniently see your entire financial picture with a click.

A secure vault allows you to store all of your important documents like wills, deeds and trusts as well as favorite recipes, important personal items, identifying which kids get what with pictures you take and upload for your legacy, uploading audio or video clips to leave for loved ones for when you are no longer here, documenting with certificates showing values of your art collection, and many other creative and important uses you might have to store information. You can choose which folders you want to share with us, and which you want to keep private for your use only.


Each day, values are updated which means when you access your personal website, it is with up to date, real-time values. We also offer the support necessary to empower you to thoroughly understand, develop and plan for your financial future. You can put together specific questions that you want to discuss with us, which helps make effective use of our time when we review your plan together.


Our unique methods allow you to stay on track by providing you constant access to your financial information, comprehensive performance reports, detailed account access, all so that you can see your always up to date, bottom line any time it’s convenient for you to log in. Your client portal also provides secure online storage for important financial documents you may want to share with your CPA or attorney by granting them limited permission to access to documents that you specify. Bain Wealth Management Group’s comprehensive financial planning uses the latest technology to help you better understand and keep track of your entire financial picture.

Click on the Contact Us link today and shoot us an e-mail to set up a complimentary initial meeting to see if we have a fit to work together. Let us show you how a modern, comprehensive financial plan, with your entire financial picture available to you online, can help minimize the financial clutter and noise, keeping you focused and on track toward meeting your goals and achieving your dreams.