Fall Financial Focus 2022

In October 2022, nearly 90 clients attended our first annual Fall Financial Focus. Mark Bain introduced the Carson team who traveled all the way from Omaha, Nebraska for this event. Ron Carson, Founder & CEO; Ryan Detrick, Chief Market Strategist; and Aaron Schaben, President; helped clients get a feel for the positive culture and “client-first” focus of Carson Partners.

Ron Carson, founder of Carson Group, explained how he began his journey as an advisor in 1983. There he quickly determined that the current system was bogged down with red tape and conflicts of interest. Believing this did not really serve his clients and put their best interests first, he set about to create a business model that put the clients first and helped coach other advisors in new ways to engage and serve their clients. Now Carson Group has 131 partner firms in 36 states and serves over 43,000 households throughout the US. And as Ron loves to say, we are just getting started!

Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick explained how current events are affecting the markets and what to look for and avoid in the near future. His “Market Outlook” was a favorite for clients who valued the data-driven approach and positive viewpoint.

The Q & A panel allowed clients to ask the Carson team their questions. Questions included topics such as effects of media misinformation on investing, the war in the Ukraine, how to balance investing in this political climate, the trend in values-based investing, and looking toward technology changes in the future. Clients remarked that this gave them an opportunity to see the real heart of Carson and how their mission aligns with Bain Wealth Management.

Putting the Client First - Always

The Bain Wealth Management team pictured above with Carson’s representatives.