Nick Rodgers

Relationship Manager

Meet Nick

Nick Rodgers is a Relationship Manager based in Salem, Oregon.

Hired in 2020 as a temporary employee to help with a backlog of paperwork and scanning, Nick’s generous nature and strong work ethic have quickly made him an integral and permanent part of the team. Nick brought a wealth of experience with a degree in Business Administration. Since joining our team, Nick has had several major life changes such as getting married and recently welcoming his first child!

Nick loves technology and especially enjoys finding ways to simplify complex and confusing processes. Most recently, Nick has become our in-house Client Experience web portal expert, working tirelessly to help clients access their accounts and easily navigate the new portal. Nick has particularly enjoyed meeting clients and is an excellent resource to help them solve any online issues they may encounter.

Building strong relationships is important to Nick. He believes that these are an incredibly important key not only in business but in life as well. Nick is a true team player and often offers to take on the more time-consuming or tedious projects to free up his co-workers to focus on other tasks.

When not at work, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife Lola, and adorable daughter Avery. Sports are also an important part of his life. He loves playing soccer, watching professional sports like the NBA and NFL, and looks forward to possibly sharing that love with his daughter. He also enjoys online gaming and chess. 


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